Whole House Remodel in Woodland Park

living & dining room, new master suite, laundry, mud room & exterior

This customer reached out about doing an addition and remodel initially. After working through the numbers, we determined the best course of action to accomplish their goals was a whole house remodel. During demolition, we discovered black mold in the living room ceiling. After remediation we added spray foam to fix the mold issue from recurring and put the lid back together with beautiful beetle kill tongue and groove. The living room was finished off with tile throughout and a custom hearth and mantle for the wood burning stove.

The largest portion of the project was demoing the old master and converting/adding the garage to the old space to make an expansive new master suite with on suite mud room and laundry

rounding out the project was dressing up the exterior with a modern “Penny-gap” beetle kill shiplap siding and staining it with a translucent stain.

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