Cost to Build

When considering the cost to build there are 5 main categories that make up the total price of a construction project: Design & Engineering, Land Development, Utilities, Excavation & Foundation and finally the build. 

Follow along with us as we dive into each build category below.

Design & Engineering

RMB is a design build company. Starting with hand sketches that you approve, our in-house designers & engineers will take agreed upon concepts through to your dream home. Design meetings will culminate into stamped architectural & structural plans ready for construction. The construction budget is created from final plans so there is no surprises.


Design – $2.20 per sq. ft.

Engineering – $1.10 per sq. ft.

*prices are approximations based on average costs


——-3We answer questions about access to utilities on or at property lines, make decisions about city/community water and sewer, or well and septic requirements. How about off-grid living?

During this step we accomplish all of the lot and underground work to be ready for build. This includes cutting the driveway into the property, excavate and install septic system and well/cistern or cut the trenches to community or city sewer and water for future connection.

Answers to these questions can drastically affect the budget, and we’ll help you make informed decisions that are best for your needs.


Driveway– $2,500-$4,500

Well– $15,000-$20,000

Septic engineering– $2500

Septic– $25,000-$30,000

*prices are approximations based on average costs

Excavation & Foundation

There’s a phrase in the trades that says each trade makes the one before them right. While true, a foundation that is wrong sets the whole project up for failure. RMB is proud to do all of the foundation work with exacting precision, understanding that the foundation is the cornerstone for success. This phase of construction includes a surveyor doing a corner stake of the building, excavation of the foundation, consolidation of the bottom of the hole for a strong & stable slab, forming footer and stem walls and pouring flat work.

We take foundations serious. If the forms aren’t perfect we will reset them. If the concrete isn’t the right strength and consistency we will reject it. Your foundation is supporting your dreams and we will ensure it is right. Every time.


Excavation & Foundation price  – Included in price per square foot estimates below


With design, engineering, land development, utilities, excavation and foundation behind us, we are ready to build your dream home. 

-Overall Build Prices(by average)

Design, engineering, site prep & utilities– $65,000

High-end Custom– $300+ per square foot

Standard Custom– $270 per square foot

Off-grid–  An additional $100,000


Final Considerations

Here are factors that can impact final price:

  • Distance from road (utilities, excavation)
  • Blasting of rock for road, utilities and foundation
  • Steepness of build site
  • Small homes (less than 1200 sqft) cost more per square foot as they have less square footage to divide fixed costs into

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